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Let’s see. I want to blog today on my site, and I want something meaningful for my readers. What can I write about? Well, currently, is there ANYTHING that is more potent than some prose on our newest virus threat? Yes, we’re talking about the coronavirus scare of 2020.

Sign of the times

Let’s have an honest discussion. I am trying to sort out why ANYONE would be lying about such a serious problem as a potential pandemic. So we want to believe what we’re told. But someone is, at the very least, stretching the truth about this pesky little bug. I just want to know. Do I need to wait in a 3 hour line for a useless face mask or do I need to go hoard toilet paper, water and beans for a few months? Or, is my risk of the flu killing me even greater. Why yes, it is. At least that is what Facebook says. Has to be correct.

As if our news isn’t messed up enough, our media kicks into high gear. In typical fashion, it is crammed down our throats and sensationalized by every possible form of media, even my blog. But why do I say “lie” about the virus? Well, let’s also be honest about what you’ve heard.

It causing the shutdown of school districts and public venues in parts of the globe. It is still growing, but only outside of China. It is causing financial despair around the stock markets of the world. The main physician who discovered it, a relatively young looking man, died from exposure. Then there were the reports of cover ups within China, conspiracy theorists positing that this is an election year stunt and of course the criticisms for a perceived lack of response. We even think we know the source of it. But if we cannot agree on the scope of the problem, how do we begin to address the factors that will minimize the CoVid19 virus, if it is even possible to do so?

Or how about the “98 out of 99 people who get it will survive it” narrative? What does that mean if they are not willing to do a full 100%. It’s fairly stupid to say such a thing, is it not?

So we will spend billions in the USA … for what? I suppose the most expensive hand washing educational PSA’s you’ve ever seen. And of course, it will either be ignored or short-lived. We’ll be on to the next existential crisis in due time. My real problem with all of this is that it distracts professionals like health and wellness practitioners by using bogus narratives, creating more work for us and casting a negative light on health and wellness reporting extremes in social media.

Keep cool everyone.

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