When Your Client has Health Problems…

We all know what this feels like when a new client presents with health problems. It comes at us out of the blue at times… a coach meets with a client that throws us a curve.  It may be something we have not had to work with before, or it could be something we know

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How to understand client motivation

Both trainers and coaches deal with motivation in several different ways. This is due to the fact that clients have different motives for seeking a coach or trainer, and this requires that we understand and clarify what our clients motivation for exercise or behavior change is. For trainers, we know that it is usually not

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Coaching Mindfulness for Lifestyle Risk Factors

Health care providers know that a healthy lifestyle is essential to optimal health, but they do  not know how to enable clients to adopt new healthy habits and abandon old harmful ones. Medicine had been somewhat effective at managing health and medical concerns, and even better at addressing acute medical  emergencies and  conditions, but  it 

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Julia Kristiansen

Emergence: a gripping look at fitness and coaching in the year 2022

After repeated waves of pandemic lockdowns and disruptions to daily living, the fitness and coaching industries are emerging with a new outlook. For the fitness professional, it is one of bravado; within the coaching field it is more one of hope and opportunity. The fitness industry was gutted during the COVID pandemic. Most of us

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