Wellness Coach Level II – Essential Skills

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It is all too common to hear from Coach graduates that the training they have completed does not meet their needs to properly deliver the application of what is learned.  In addition to this, many coaches have different preferences for training; some are experienced and want an advanced option to anchor their service.  Others want to simply build upon what they already know and apply. 
The Mindset of a Coach 
The Wholeness of Holistic Health
Coaching for Confidence 
Co-active Equals Proactive 
Coaching versus therapy 
The Coaching Presence 
Mindfulness, Empathy and Warmth
Giving Clients Your Feedback/Communications
Doing and Being Skills 
The Being and Doing Skills
Avoiding the Expert Approach
The influence of the “Selfs”
Positive thinking
Coaching interactions – Getting it right
Coaching “myths” – the dos and don’ts of coaching
Appreciative Inquiry
The Wellness Vision
Applying inquiries with Clients
Open-Ended Questions
Motivational Interviewing

Assessing Readiness to Change
Decisional balance
Individualizing goals
What Change Talk? 
The Importance and Confidence Rulers
Motivational Interviewing skills
Diminished reflections/amplified reflections
Reframing and Refocusing
Values, Values, Values!
Handling Resistance
Ambivalence-reducing strategies


Our courses are designed with one goal in mind – to prepare you to be the best, most competent and complete Certified Wellness Coach you can be!  The philosophy sounds simple, but this requires a lot of work in the background.  First, the content:
Our program is built upon the Coaching Guidelines as set forth by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  This complete set of coaching skills ensures professionalism, proficiency and most of all, confidence.   You begin the journey with a bit of background about what Wellness is, how Wellness Coaching became a force in setting behavior change standards and then of course; you also learn delivery models based on using the Transtheoretical Model and Stages of Change.
Your training supports learning these skills and protocols by practicing some incredibly powerful live skills in real time – namely Motivational Interviewing, Appreciative Inquiry, Change Talk and the art of the Coach’s Presence.  Each candidate will walk away with practical experience in these key tenets of coaching.  No more feeling like you have wasted time learning about Wellness, only to walk away not knowing what to do or where to start!


But more than anything, Evexia has the experience to shape their programs into what Certified Wellness Coaches want – and need – from a training program.  You will learn volumes on the positive psychology behind Wellness Coaching; that is a given.  Providing live training that helps Coaches communicate better and more effectively with clients serves those we work with more completely and elevates our profession.
For more information about this course,  you can contact us directly with questions and we will be happy to assist!
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