Our Wellness Coach program is a complete training solution with interactive content, making it a great way to get started in the field of coaching. This Level 1 course, combines the physical and psychological aspects of Wellness. Start and finish on your own time, earn a credential online that will give you the confidence needed to work as a Certified Wellness Coach. This program is built to maximize the student experience. Earning your Wellness Coach credential has never been more

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DUE TO COVID19, Live Workshops are temporarily suspended. Contact us for more details. Imagine completing a specialized Master level course to elevate your coaching skills! Our Essential Skills course is designed to build upon the skills learned in our core flagship course, to help Wellness Coaches refine their coaching strategies with specialized dialogue techniques, interaction strategies and their coaching presence. This is what's next in Wellness Coach training!


Holistic Coach

COMING SOON - Written by our very own Subject Matter Experts, our Integrated Holistic Coach program presents information on holistic living, metabolic health, gut microbiome and coaching with the science of food intake. Learn to have the confidence needed to coach your clients about their food intake while working to specifically fuel athletes or clients who remain physically active. All materials are accessed online, including a digital manual and passing a 50-point exam, required for the credential.

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Our Mission is Our Promise

Our passion is Wellness and Coach Education.  In fact, wellnesscoaches.org and our Education Division – Evexia, is strategically positioned to be your education partner in the journey to certification.  Our Level 1 program delivers on the specific needs of what Wellness Coaches want, from coach training and support to skills and confidence.  By providing the latest coaching practices and knowledge, we deliver learning that works on all devices, 24/7,  using the latest technology.  We looked at what was available, wanted to be better, and set our sights on providing an exceptional experience for all of our students. 

What People Say About Us

I had the pleasure of dealing directly with the Wellness Coach course author, who I cannot say enough wonderful things about. But, really everyone at wellnesscoaches.org has been extremely helpful to me when I had questions during the learning process. It certainly isn’t everyday that you have a chance to deal directly with the Management Team in any organization.
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Tara S. - Wellness Coach Graduate
I can honestly say that I would not be as successful as I am now if it were not for my coach Julia H. during the program. I recommend any program developed by Team Evexia to anyone who is serious about establishing a professional coaching career.
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Kate K., - Wellness Coach Workshop Attendee and Graduate
I took a wellnesscoaches.org workshop in Sunnyvale, CA because I had friends recommend it. I was thoroughly impressed by the program and the presenters skills and instruction style. Our trainer was extremely approachable and popular with our class. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. This training makes topics easy to understand and the overall experience was nothing shy of outstanding and professional.
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Matthew V., - Personal Development Coach

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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The Clients We Serve ...

Our staff are all members of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  This organization is the one we’re aligned with because we feel they set the standard for Coach training and education.  The use of their logo is not to suggest that our programs are ICF approved; it is only to assure you of the philosophies we build into our programs and our coaching models.   

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