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Wellness Coach Training Is Our Passion

Imagine if you could harness your passion to make a profound difference for your clients.   This is what motivates our passion to provide Wellness Coach Certifications.  Anything else is simply a title, not a credential.

Valuable Coaching Techniques

When coaches want to learn valuable coaching techniques rooted in evidence-based training, they face a small list of providers.  We offer a full program that includes mind, body and spirit.

What Are Wellness Coaches?

Wellness Coaches are compassionate and caring personalities with an abundance of consideration for the well-being of others.  They also have very specific skills – facilitating behavior change within their client.

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Our Vision For Our Coach Training Programs

Our program is based on over ten years of research and implementation.  We’ve pored over so many Coaching programs – some believed to be the gold standard or benchmarks in the Coaching industry – but we saw something missing in each of them.   Some of the best Coach training programs were full of gaps required for complete coach training solutions.  What we saw was simply not serving the needs of coaches.  We wanted to do better than that, we honestly believe you deserve more than that.   This means your client gets your very best because you have invested the time to learn how to be part of an enlightened group – Certified Wellness Coaches!

The Path to being a successful wellness coach: Certification

You might be a Personal Trainer.  Physical health is vital to wellness, so it makes sense to brand yourself as a Wellness Coach.  But are you really a full-fledged, formally trained Certified Wellness Coach?  Should you be?  What are the benefits to getting certified as a Wellness Coach?

Trainers have, in fact, given the wellness field some great lessons on how to assess clients.  They are masters in this area, especially in terms of  bi0metric screening.  But how much better could a Trainer be if they could also assess their client for their stage of readiness to make a change? Or if they could learn precisely what their client’s vision entails?

But what if you’re a Certified Wellness Coach – yet you have no background in physical aspects of wellness, like the Personal Fitness Trainer – who you admire with multiple certifications?  Does being a fitness expert make you a better Wellness Coach?  Maybe, but if you’re not, that is okay.  We have both scenarios covered.

You see, we have done a full audit of Wellness Coach training programs that are widely and commonly available currently.  This may be what brought you here (if it wasn’t by word of mouth referral from one of our highly esteemed graduates!). 
What we found was that there were some outstanding programs out there, but could not find ONE that met all the criteria for truly informing a coach in training. 

Programs that focus on positive behavior psychology are strong contenders – until you realize that there is nothing provided in terms of physical wellness being addressed.   Even more programs were simply physical training, with no psychological anchoring whatsoever.

This is why our program offers both and is an example of how we’ve looked at what is out there, and wanted to be better.

Who is wellnesscoaches.org

Wellnesscoaches.org has roots going back to 2011, with our education-specific division Evexia being developed later to develop training  programs for corporate coaches.  During this time of growth for our knowledge and expertise, we established solid partnerships with Human Resource Managers at organizations who value employee health and wellness.   In the past 5 years, we saw a shift for requests to develop courses for other continuing education providers online.  This has resulted in a bright collection of professionals who continue to evolve by studying health, wellness and fitness programs from around the globe – from the ground up.  We see our evolution being the result of the technology used for the online delivery of coach training, paired with content inspired by a vision – but we also knew we wanted to create an exceptional student experience.   Wellnesscoaches proudly presents Evexia; the result of our very best resources and coach training systems.  We can’t wait for you to join our club of professionals!

Client assessments

The heart of any co-active relationship with a client begins with a detailed assessment of much more than biometrics.  You will learn how to assess your client’s willingness to change, their obstacles and barriers to change and stage-specific coaching related to the client’s stage of readiness.  You will be a guide for your client, coaching them toward their goals.  We provide the skills to have highly effective dialogue in-session; we also provide a coaching model for you to facilitate behavior change.

ICF Coach actions

The International Coaching Federation is the major source for disseminating coach training.  This complete list of coaching guidelines, behaviors and actions informs every part of each program we create.  The state of the coaching industry requires coaches to have more than a recollection or memory of these guidelines and skills – they must also learn to apply them in practice.  In current times, there is a great need for coaches to help people recapture their health and wellness.  Get started with your credential today!


One of the main goals of our program is to provide the skills training needed for coaches to work with clients through a collaborative process.  This means you will learn to move clients through productive and meaningful intake sessions and on to more positive, healthy behavior outcomes.  Our programs support coaches with knowledge throughout the lifespan of their co-active relationship with each client.  Our live workshop experience will really emphasize this feature of our training.

Providing Solutions with education is part of who we are – it is our passion

After seeing countless Wellness Coach candidates enter the field with reluctance or anxiety, we knew we had specific goals for our programs.  Some have fear of failure.  In Wellness Coach training, there is no such thing as failure.  We aren’t measuring outcomes like a coach does with their client.   Instead, what we are actually doing is teaching you about your strengths and how to harness your best traits to truly help others.  Anyone can learn the skills.  Bringing the best out in someone is an entirely different goal!

My teaching philosophy is first and foremost, to have fun.   There is a fine line between great coach training and taking oneself too seriously.   To be accessible and to remain open to others, we have to find balance in our training and our service delivery.

Eric Gordon Contributing Editor
Eric Gordon - Contributing Editor

Get started now - your choice, your terms

You can select the self-paced online Certified Wellness Coach Course for a full certification experience or the Essential Skills Live Workshops.  Explore these options below, and as always, contact us with any questions you have.

Certified Wellness Coaching Essentials


Essential Skills - Our Master Level II Course

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