What a Difference a Week Makes

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I know it hasn’t been a week since this blog was refreshed but apart from this world on wellnesscoaches.org, I also serve as a Director of Education for a health and fitness institute. One week ago, I created a video to post on our Facebook page to soothe the frazzled nerves of coaches and trainers who are affected by the COVID19 pandemic.  Some in our industry think or believe that this group of professionals is in the “uniquely affected” group but I will leave that to you all to argue. I don’t quite see it that way, there are many jobs and careers uniquely impacted by this.

7 Days Later, the Fog and Darkness Seem to Be Lifting

At the time of my video post, we were three weeks into official lockdown in the location where I am from; I self quarantined one week prior to the mandate – so as of today, I have been shut in for 5 weeks and one day. It has hardly been fun. But being the supreme reflector that I am, I’ve conjured up some thoughts.


We all live with hope as a strategy – even though it is hardly one to rely on.   Hope is more like faith, it is something to bank on for a future date.  We tell ourselves that “sometime down the road, things will get better”.  And I still believe that.  But what about the unexpected surprises that we’ve all been experiencing? 

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Heroes. Thank you all!

Sometimes it Takes a Pandemic

 What about the stable anchors that we took for granted?  These are all factors as well, and relying on reflection to either remember them or even better, appreciate them more.   If hope is not enough, maybe its the small things we can look to for comfort.  For example, I’m competely enjoying my home workouts!  I have ZERO opportunity costs from driving to the gym.  I just walk out back.   What about the fact that I can do, act and feel however I want, without wondering if I’m going to look like an idiot on the fitness floor?  Those experimental movements… NOW is the time to try them.   But by far…the best benefit of home workouts is that I dont have to wait for some half wit parked on a machine while they text or swipe left on their apps.  It’s become a thorn of sorts, a pet peeve cutting through my side. 

Okay – part of that is just venting.  But after a few weeks of this, I’ve become good at thinking more deeply at other things.  I realized that planes are still flying overhead.   The next morning I will wake up and the birds will be chirping.  The phone will ring.  Life will carry on.  These are the things that we normally think of as having absolutely no value but when you are robbed of your mobility and social interactions, you have the opportunity to reconnect with the truly simple things.  They matter.  A lot.  For some of us, it is all we have right now. 

We’ve all been challenged by this.  It is hard to let frustration settle in because your town doesn’t have NYC numbers but the reality of it is, I have never been more impressed by the power of human obedience related to lockdown rules.  It has saved lives so I hate to admit our governor was right.  It is most unfortunate others didn’t get the same opportunity to close down early.  Or have enough of what they needed to take care of their citizens.  But that is a story for others to write.  For now, we carry on and look for brighter days and in the meantime, we tip our hat to the medical professionals who have saved thousands of lives in the face of fear and personal risk/danger.  We owe these people more than we could ever give them.  Politicians are saving us.   Doctors, nurses and first responders are! 

Here’s to a brighter week ahead with love and light shining down.  

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