Please read the following; it is intended for all students and graduates

Privacy Policy will never share or discuss a student’s account with a third party for any reason, unless the student provides permission to do so, in writing. Very limited information regarding students and their coursework (verifying status, etc.) information can be released to a third party unless the student has requested to seal their records. will NOT release the following information to anyone other than the student: 

  • Student personal information (email, physical address, phone number, or any other identifying entity). 
  • Exam results or course scores  
  • Student academic history 

Students are allowed to opt-out of our verification process and/or to seal their records at their discretion. Send requests to our Customer Support Department from the Contact form, located on our home page.

We periodically distribute emails or direct mailings to inform students of special announcements and related program promotions or updates. By agreeing to order any program, you also agree to both accept and abide by Code of Coaching Ethics. Furthermore, you hereby certify that any information provided to us ( is accurate, and as complete as possible. You understand that if we discover any of this information to be false, reserves the right to revoke any part of our relationship with you. You understand that wellnesscoaches.orgcertification programs do not imply or in any way guarantee the quality of your practice as a certified coaching professional. You also then agree to indemnify and hold harmless , its officers, directors and any related staff from any claims due to omission, negligence or faulty advice given to clients as a certified coaching professional. Furthermore, you agree that is not to be held responsible for any actions or damages to or from any person or client arising out of your work as a coaching professional.


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