Recertification - How to keep your Credentials Current

At Evexia and, we have specific guidelines for CEU’s and for keeping your valuable credential current.

Recertification – All Evexia/ Coaching Programs 

Recertification Program Overview

Once you have become certified as a Coach by Evexia/, you will want to keep your certification valid by completing Continuing Education Units in the field of your certificate.  Upon successfully completing your certification program through Evexia/ you can rest assured that you have the skills needed to be an effective coach.   After two years of enjoying the use of your new credential, you will be required to build upon what you have achieved in the two years after finishing your original course.  By maintaining your credential with Continuing Education Units (CEU’s), you are showing both your clients and the industry that you have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to continue to advance not only your career, but the coaching professional as a whole.

Knowledge, skills and ability levels are increased when education is able to continue; Evexia/ Committee for Recertification (ERC) requires all Evexia/ certified coaches to complete continuing education on a recurring basis so that your certification as a professional can be upheld.


Requirements Continuing Education – Getting your CEU’s

The Evexia/ Recertification Committee requires all certified Coaches within its domain to complete 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a period of two years, beginning on the date that your certificate was issued.  This is in keeping with the standards within our industry that are generally required (e.g., each 0.1 CEU is typically worth one hour of study time or one contact hour of live training formats or courses).  All approved coursework is listed with predetermined CEU values at the end of this document.

Evexia/ Recertification Committee (ERC) has determined that a two-year time frame for you to accomplish this requirement of renewal is also consistent with industry standards.   This is because scientific research and the application of that research changes over time.  Evexia/ Coaches must stay abreast of scientific research and its applications as it changes in our field of applied coaching.  In order to continue to deliver both advanced and effective coaching that is progressive in nature and useful at an individual level, Evexia/ Coaches are encouraged to learn and obtain further education on a consistent and ongoing basis every year by attending a live training or completing a home study course at least once every 6-9 months.  We also encourage students to exceed the required 2.0 (or 20 hours) CEUs for recertification if there is a need to do so. 

Recertification Fees and Payment Options

To complete your recertification, there are a few steps to be aware of; first, a 2-year recertification as a Evexia/ Certified Coach is $95.00 USD.  Fees, as well as recertification applications with all required or necessary CEU credits completed must be received by Evexia/ Recertification Committee (ERC) on or before certification expiration date (as indicated on your diploma).   In is important to meet the milestones for recertification to avoid late fees or penalties and to also ensure that there are no delays in processing your recertification of certification.  Ideally, renewal materials should be sent in for review within 30 days of certification expiration.  Applications that are properly submitted (completed CEU paperwork and full payment of fees) are accepted by our office as early as 90 days prior to certification expiration.

An application to recertify is required. This application follows at the end of this document.

Again, recertification applications are considered late if not received (accurately completed) on or before certification expiration date indicated on your certificate.  Late applicants may experience a delay in award of recertification depending upon factors stated as required by Evexia/ in this document.

Under certain circumstances or conditions, late applications for Evexia/ Coach recertification may be accepted by Evexia/ Recertification Committee (ERC) up to 90 days after expiration (see schedule for time-based penalties).  Late applications will require additional fees, based on the fee schedule table below.  After 90 days, following certification expiration, Evexia/ certifications are deemed null and void. Formerly certified Evexia/ Coaches who fail to comply with recertification policies and procedures may be required to retake the specific course exams for which they are certified and in these cases, the applicant will be allowed to purchase a “test only” option to fulfill this recertification obligation in order to be certified and recognized as ‘in good standing’ by Evexia/ and The Evexia/ Recertification Committee (ERC), for the next two years (all exam and recertification fees apply).

2- Year Recertification Fee – $95 (if on time or up to  90 days prior to expiration)

Late Application Fees           

 -add-     $35 (if you are 1-30 days late)

 -add-     $80 (if you are 31-60 days late)

 -add-     $125 (if you are 61-90 days late)

Fees are payable by:

  • Visa/MasterCard/Amex (secure, online payment)
  • Paypal

CEU Categories – College or Other Coach Courses

Any coursework that you’ve finished for your CEUs and recertification can only be courses completed after you received your Evexia/ certification; there are different categories that fulfill the requirements.  Any coursework that was completed prior to you earning your credential cannot be used for CEUs. Coursework must be completed from one of the three following CEU categories:

Type 1 – Did you complete a college or university level course?

  • Any coursework completed at a college or university must fall within the coaching domains of The Evexia/ for the credential retained by the Coach. If you have any questions about recertification, please contact our support staff at Evexia/ for clarification.
  • University or college coursework will be granted 0.3 CEUs for each quarter credit hour or 0.5 CEUs for semester credit hour (quarter course worth 5 credits = 1.5 CEUs and a semester course worth 3 credits = 1.5 CEUs).

Type of Course

CEU's Allowed

Documentation Required

Semester coursework

0.5 CEU’s per credit hour

Official School Transcript

Quarter coursework

0.3 CEU’s per credit hour

Official School Transcript

Research Project/Thesis

Contact us for details

Copy of course syllabus

Type 2 – Industry-Related Coach Training

Note: Evexia/ reserves the right to make final determinations for actual CEUs awarded for any live training course, workshop, conference, symposium or seminar.

  • The ERC will generally approve CEU Providers known within the industry.  
  • Live coursework that is not listed or approved by Evexia/ may still be used for CEU’s provided it is a similar topic.

Type of Course taken

Amount of CEU’s

Documents Required

Coach Training Specific Courses

0.1CEU’s per study  hour

Official School Transcript

Evexia/ or other provider workshops/live events

0.1 CEU’s per study hour

Official School Transcript

Click the “Recertification Application” to download, print and send your Application into our Support Team.  Use our CONTACT address, found here.

The following are already approved for recertification:
Wellcoaches –
all Wellness Coach Certifications

Mayo Clinic –          
Wellness Coach Training
NASM –                  
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Weight Loss Specialist
Spencer Institute –
 Corporate Wellness Coach – or – Wellness Coach
Life Strategies Coach
Stress Management Coach
Approved providers:  (cont.)
ACE –                          
ACE Health Coach 
Weight Management Specialist
Fitness Nutrition Coach
Lifestyle and Weight Management
Chek Institute –         
Holistic Lifestyle Coach certification