Wellness Coach Certification Courses

Certified Wellness Coach

Certified Wellness Coach Level I

This course is an equal mix of information related to how Certified Wellness Coaches work, their history and of course, the coaching skills required to be a successful coach. Our Flagship product is our Certified Wellness Coach program.
One of the best features of this course includes interactive learning content and the building of a solid coaching model using The Transtheoretical Model. We've delivered a robust program, rich in content and resources. This is our promise to our Coaches.
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Wellness Coach Level II -Essential Skills

Certified Wellness Coach Level II

A Level II Master course for coaches who want to elevate their skills to the next level.   This course  is based on developing refined coaching skills rooted in mastering dialogue used with clients.  Appreciative Inquiry, Motivational Interviewing and the Doing/Being Skills that shape the Coach's presence are the focus of the content for this highly engaging course.  More details of this course can be found here.
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