Interview with A Certified Wellness Coach!

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This Coach Used Quarantine Certified!

Today we sit down with a graduate from our Certified Wellness Coach Program; we are pleased to introduce you to Jessica Lopez, of Anaheim, California!

Jessica is new to Wellness Coaching but has been working as a Holistic Life Coach for more than five years.  While working toward her degree, Jessica learned that one of her strengths is to help others gain clarity.  She has a unique drive to succeed and a passion for healthy living. Here is her story:

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What are your key strengths?

My top three key strengths are:

1) I am considered an SME in many natural and holistic areas. I am a certified aromatherapist, an herbalist, a nature therapy guide and I am working on being certified as a mindfulness coach. I will be able to incorporate many different modalities that work well within a holistic lifestyle into my coaching.

2) I am also an avid researcher and student. I will constantly be keeping up to date on new research and techniques to help others. I also am comfortable with the fact that if I do not know enough about an area or subject the client needs assistance with I either have the skills to learn about it or I have the confidence to approach an expert of that field to work together with for the betterment of the client.

3) I have honed the skills of active listening and powerful questioning over the years. I learned early on in life that just listening with mindfulness can help someone in a profound way. Many people who need to talk can be helped by someone just listening. If the situation warrants more interaction, then powerful questioning is the other skill I have learned as a confidant. These skills are why many people suggested I add this certification to my business model.

What opportunities for growth do you have as a CWC?

The three areas where I see opportunities for my growth as a coach are:
1) Physical strategies: Even though I am a nature therapy guide I am not one to join a gym or participate in class exercises including yoga. I also do not regularly see chiropractors or massage therapists. I think I could work on this area within my own life which will assist me in coaching others to participate for their own well-being.

2) Learn how to implement a true holistic assessment for the client – one that will allow the individual to be truly seen and evaluated on who they really are and who they really want to be. It will assess their mind, body, and spirit and allow us to work on balancing them all so they can become their own individual ideal-self.

3) I also need to work on myself and my commitment to a holistic way of life. I admit I get caught up with the craziness of everyday life and I drop the ball from time to time on different aspects of my holistic lifestyle. I need to be more disciplined in rectifying that so I can be a better person as a whole and a better example for my clients. It will also allow me to record the techniques that I will use and the skills which I will learn so I can assist my clients, if they are struggling with the same issue, with firsthand knowledge

In terms of goals, what is your “ideal self” and what is your vision as a Coach?

First, I would like to say that I believe our ideal-self changes as we learn, grow and, as we are introduced to new ideas, challenges, and situations. I think the ideal-self and vision goals are fluid concepts and something, as coaches, that we can do to help our clients is to let them know that who they are or want to be may shift in the future and we should provide them the skills to adapt to when those wants, needs, or changes come along.

While looking at my lists I see that my strengths can be utilized to work on my weaknesses. For example, I can take my love for the outdoors and use that to construct a more physical routine for myself. Whether it is making time for more vigorous hiking or doing yoga or tai chi by the lake, I can find a multitude of physical activities that can be done on a more consistent level outdoors thus improving the health of my mind, body, and spirit.

Like I said above, I have always been an avid learner so I will always be finding new ways to enhance and improve myself and then using, when appropriate, those skills and techniques with my clients. I believe in the individual and the many parts that make him/her who they are. I also believe that the mind, body, and spirit all work together and the more all three are in balance with each other the better one is as their individual self. All of this will allow me to construct a well-rounded holistic assessment for my clients and help them see themselves and their individual needs with a broader perspective.

I have an affinity with working with plants and I incorporate them in my own life along with successfully working others to do so as well. I believe that encouragement, quietness, creativity and focusing etc. are all major components in successfully changing and improving oneself, and that they can all be enhanced with the use of herbalism, aromatherapy, or even spending some quality time outdoors. I will continue to combine this passion and these particular skills with my coaching practice to enhance the clients’ experiences.

I also know that I will take some of the coaching skills I have learned through this course and apply them to some areas of my own life; such as, finally getting over my fear of failure and starting my own healing practice which I have wanted to do for years. I will be my first client armed with these new coaching skills, and nobody could be more critical and give a better assessment as a coach than myself.

Identify some of the Skills you’ve learned in this course…

Being Skill: Empathy provides a coach with an understanding perspective of a client. It fosters the acceptance of the client’s differences which helps the coach understand the client better and allows a closer connection and trust between the two. It will also help with the client’s confidence by being accepted for who they are and may teach them to have empathy for others as well.

Doing Skill: Reflections are a doing skill that is key to fostering trust between coach and client by showing the client that the coach is actively listening to him/her. It shows that the coach is understanding what is being said and it gives an opportunity for the coach to offer perspective to what is being discussed.

Looking inward, what would a Coach have YOU do to improve toward being your best self?

After assessments and talking for a few sessions the coach would recognize that a major issue that is holding me back at the moment from being my right now ideal self is my fear of failure as a self-employed business owner. I have the knowledge and the skills to make my vision come true, but I have the fear of not being able to be successful enough to keep the doors open. This doubt is deep rooted.

It stems from having to struggle and worry about if we have enough money for our next meal or how we are to keep the roof over our heads and this has been happening for most of my life. If I walk away from the paycheck that we live week to week on to start something that is not a sure thing…it is a thought that debilitates me, and I cannot move forward.

The coach would have me work on a timed plan. Let us say a year plan. Within that year, on paper, I will set my goals down, keeping them realistic and so the chance of them coming to fruition is higher – baby steps. Options that the coach could discuss with me to do that year would be writing a business plan, work out logistics since having a store front or even my own office is not necessary – there are ways to figure out how to host clients that is not a big financial burden, registering my business, and start seeing a small amount of clients so my hours will allow me to keep my regular job so as to not stress me out and give up on my dream.

The coach would encourage me to think out of the box to find ways to make some of the important steps doable and would work with me so I would be comfortable with how and when these goals will be implemented within this plan. Then the coach would encourage me to reach out to my personal network of friends and family for the encouragement and assistance I may need as I start working on these goals.

This also would be the main task at hand; other major goals and changes would not be addressed as to keep me from using the feelings of being overwhelmed as an excuse to keep me from finishing the plan. Encouragement and regular feedback would be extremely helpful.

Then within a year, my dream of having my own holistic wellness business would be on its way to becoming a reality and those first steps will have broken that barrier that is holding me back.

Thank you, Jessica, for the open and honest comments on your situation.  We know you’re going to be successful!  Good luck in 2020!

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