If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please contact your coach or trainer directly. If it is a last minute
emergency, text your personal trainer, but also call them using their cell phone.
24 hours notice is required for a cancellation or rescheduling in order to receive credit for the
session. Failure to cancel within this time frame or failure to show up for a session will result in the
client being charged for the session (forfeited). Exceptions will only be made in the case of a medical emergency
accompanied by a doctor’s note. There is a no-refund policy on all packages purchased – a client may
only receive a refund if accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Your trainer has blocked your appointment time; please notify the appropriate party more than 24 hours in advance (when possible) if there is a change.

Clients are expected to begin working out at the start time of the scheduled appointment. A late start
time does not entitle a client to a session longer than the scheduled appointment.

man in bed sleeping
It happens. We oversleep or get stuck in traffic. Communicate with your trainer if there is a problem making it to your session on time.

Any sessions that remain after the expiration date will be forfeited. Sessions expire within 120 days.