An Interview with a Certified Wellness Coach

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Today we sat down (virtually, thanks to our pandemic) with a Wellness Coach who was certified by Evexia earlier this month. Jeff Korsek is a passionate and detailed coach, as you will see in his comments!  Recently transitioning from sports to traditional ‘helper’ styled coaching, Jeff felt this was the next progression in the life of his career.   

What are some of your key strengths that you can see helping you as a different type of Coach?

employee, meeting, work
Jeff is working from home more these days

I have a strong belief in holistic medicine and possess a good base knowledge of nutrition/supplements, stress management, spiritual practices, as well as lifestyle and environmental practices. I have done extensive research in order to find answers to my own health challenges, therefore, through personal experience I can speak to different wellness approaches and alternative treatments. I will be able to offer clients an array of practices and strategies fitting their beliefs in order to facilitate healing and meet set goals.

Another key strength is my ability to see clients as individuals and be empathetic to their unique circumstances and desires. I am able to empower people by helping them come up with their own solutions to be effective in meeting their goals. I would tailor my program/services to match a clients needs while still having structure and foundation.
I am creative which I believe is a strength that will serve me well as a coach/consultant. For example, developing informational materials with visual components to provide clients with structure to stay on track and serve as quick reference guides. My creativity will be useful in brainstorming with clients to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs.

After taking this course, what are some of your ideas for professional growth as a Coach?

I really want to increase my knowledge of motivational techniques to assist clients/groups in changing unhealthy patterns and creating ways to make lasting changes. Helping clients understand the science behind our habits (neural pathways, automatic-subconscious patterns, etc.) is crucial and create awareness to facilitate successful change.
I have a strong interest in healing the environment and green living. I plan to enroll in green living courses. I want to want to show others the importance of looking at their environment and being aware of home/personal care products and toxins. It is an important component as a holistic coaching to educate people about environmental toxins and how they impact our health and world at large.

What are your goals and how does it inform your vision?

My personal goals and interests keep me directed toward my ideal self, personally and professionally, by motivating me to keep acquiring more knowledge. To increase my knowledge and effectiveness I will take advantage of more on-line master classes related to health, webinars/podcasts pertaining to women’s issue, and work on technology skills. I am also interested in taking medicinal cooking classes to assist others in preparing simple, healthy, cost effective recipes.

What are some of the skills that you’ve learned to enhance your Coaching presence?

One example is to use being skills- and the most important to me is empathy – which allows one to understand the feelings and emotions of others. It is important to project a warm and calm demeanor while being empathetic in order for a client to feel comfortable opening up and expressing themselves.  I feel I can really excel in this area. 
I’ve also enjoyed learning about Doing Skills, like active listening and reflection. Being able to mirror back what a client has communicated enables the client to feel heard and provide clarity. By really listening a coach is able to identify client strengths, values, and desires.

What is your final take-away from assessing yourself as a Coach?

After self-reflection,  I believe I should continue improving my skills with educational wellness courses and address the business of becoming a coach or consultant. I need to really think about how I want to use my skills and whether I want to work for clinic/agency or set up my own business. At this point it has not been my primary focus, however, I feel I need to start thinking about how I could best serve clients, market myself, and create an actual business. I would also look at technology platforms and continue to work through my own limiting beliefs in this area.

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